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Land 1200 Square Meter
Built-up Area
850 Sq. Meters
Factory / Mfg 625 Sq. Meter
Store    150 SqM
Office    75 SqM
VMC - X/Y/Z 1050mm/610mm/600mm - (BFW)
600mm/450mm/500mm - (BFW)
Milling Machines Qty.: 3, up to 1200mm/550mm/700mm
Lathe Machines Qty.: 3, up to Diameter 4000mm
Wood Working Machinery Set of 7- machines
Height Gauges Qty.: 3, up to 1000mm
Vernier Calipers Qty.: 3, up to 1000mm
Surface Plates Qty.: 1, up to 1500mmx1000mm
Slip Gauge Set 1 Set
We use License version

We Strive to anticipate customer needs and keep abreast of foundry technology and practices.

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